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Bleed Out Film

Shot over the course of ten years, using archival footage and undercover spy cams, the award-winning and critically acclaimed BLEED OUT goes deep inside a flawed healthcare system.

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A film by Steve Burrows

Bleed Out Film


Chump Change

Chump Change is a movie about life, love and laughter. About hope. Dreams. Redemption.

But mostly, it's about fame, fortune, cheese and beer.

Steve Burrows wrote, directed, and starred in this HBO Comedy Fest award-winning Miramax feature film starring a stellar cast including Tim Matheson, Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, Fred Willard, Clancy Brown, Abe Vigoda and Traci Lords.

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Chump Change - Trailer

Chump Change Trailer
2:41 minutes

Chump Change - Rules of Comedy

Rules of Comedy
0:56 minutes

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The Soldier of Fortune

Winner of 29 Film Festivals and loser of one lawsuit by Merv Griffin.

This short film is about Steve Burrows' actual appearance and subsequent humiliation on The Wheel of Fortune game show, where he is generally considered to be the worst contestant in the history of the show.

(Illegal Bootlegged DVD coming soon.)

The Soldier of Fortune The Soldier of Fortune

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Steve Burrows - Writer, Director, Performer